Standard SIM Cards


Standard Sims

Manage pre-paid as well as top-up SIM cards.

Long-standing relationships with big Telecommunications providers ensures we can provide clients with the best SIM management tools available.

  • Track Data balances, Airtime balances, SMS balancesand usage over time.
  • Bulk Recharges.
  • Manually do balance reloads (Airtime / Data / SMS).
  • Manage rules and balance reloads
  • Automatically reload SIM cards when specified balances are reached.
  • Automatically reload SIM cards on scheduled dates.
  • RICA Services.

Roaming Sim Cards


Roaming Sims

Simworx has coverage in more than 165 countries.

Compatiable with all devices, available in all formats:
mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF)

Includes :

  • Credit not included
  • Multi-Network coverage in 165 countries
  • Per-per-use plan without fixed costs
  • IoT Portal with no extra costs

Current available networks include:
2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-1, CAT-M1

Industrial Sim Cards


Industrial Sims

Operating temperatures between -40ºC and +105ºC.

Industrial embedded SIM card (MFF2)

Industrial embedded SIM cards are sturdier and suitable for harsh environments and operating temperatures between -40ºC and +105ºC.

Suitable for the most extreme conditions

Industrial embedded SIM cards have a high resistance to corrosion, humidity and shock and are therefore particularly suitable for demanding applications and extreme environmental conditions. The increased reliability and life cycle of industrial embedded SIM cards reduces the risk of potential failure and therefore the time and cost needed for replacement.


Industrial embedded SIM cards are designed to withstand exposure to low and high temperatures, from -40°C to 105°C. Their extended resistance makes them ideal for the automotive industry and for devices such as remote sensors or other devices exposed to harsh environmental conditions.


With a life cycle of up to 17 years, industrial embedded SIM cards are considered the perfect solution for most IoT use cases including in the automotive sector and industry. A longer service life therefore saves on future SIM card replacement costs.


Industrial embedded SIM cards are hermetically sealed and can be soldered directly to the device's PCB. This drastically reduces the risk of malfunction due to shock, impact, corrosion and other harmful environmental factors. To prevent tampering with the SIM card, they are directly soldered to the device, thus preventing improper use of the device.


Simworx embedded SIM cards are available both in the traditional UICC version and in the new eUICC standard version. With the eUICC version, you can have one or more operator profiles and, thanks to Simworx's provisioning platform, switch to another operator.

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